On March 10th, SNSD’s Tiffany was photographed at Incheon Airport, where she was departing for Thailand to perform for MBC’s “50th Anniversary Hallyu Concert”.


While her chic airport fashion had aroused interest, many netizens were more concerned by Tiffany’s apparent weight loss. The singer had become so skinny that she no longer had cheek fat and her bones were visible. Upon seeing her photos from the airport, netizens expressed worry that Tiffany’s health condition was being affected by her harsh diet.

I’m so glad that netizens are worrying over how much weight she has lost and how it would affect her health. But in a way, it’s kind of ironical-netizens were the ones who had criticized Tiffany for her “love handles” some time back, after all. Female celebrities have it hard-when they put on a little bit of weight, everyone pounces on this juicy tidbit and blows it out of proportion. But when they finally manage to shed some kilos off their already-thin frames, they get flak for getting TOO skinny. I wish it wouldn’t have to take an overly-successful diet for netizens to start feeling concern about a female idol’s health.

Soneternity ,  Xports News