1) Real! Live! Music!

2) G-dragon and TOP dressed as Big Bird and Cookie Monster.

3) Seungri and TOP’s special “hug”.

MNet has a new music show, called M Soundplex, which they debuted earlier this year, and on the auspicious day of March 19th, the fabulous five-some of Big Bang recorded their program for the show. To me, M Soundplex reminds me of some of my favorite music programs like MTV’s and VH1’s “Unplugged”. The show features live performances for a small, intimate audience of 200 ridiculously lucky fans who not only get to enjoy the musical stylings of the guests- Big Bang in this case- but also get to ask them uncensored questions and watch them act like idiots. Adorable idiots, at that.


Here are some performances from the show, which included music from the group, GTOP, and Seungri (with more coming from Dae and Tae too in the future):

A few previews (of the interesting embrace and other performances):


And some photographic evidence of the crimes against fashion (oh I bet PETA hates KPOP idols) and the scandalous Ri-TOP embrace:


What I wouldn’t give to have gotten a ticket for this taping…it is literally my Big Bang concert dreams come true.