Next thing you know, life will imitate art. (Eek- gosh I hope not!)


The boys of Big Bang shows us their naughty rockstar sides by boozing and wreaking havoc on a hotel room for a spread for W Korea (in collaboration with 10 CORSO COMO Seoul and OnStyle’s ‘Style Magazine’) and featuring their personally designed 10 CORSO COMO Seoul merchandise.

Is this what they did in between shooting their MV in Las Vegas??!!

Kpopstars will be kpopstars. And rockstars will be douchbags do anything for a good time. I’m sure Big Bang has never caused a ruckus like that in real life. (Although the shotgunning and boozing I totally believe!) At least the hotels can always charge them for the damage.

PS. I LOVE the picture of Dae. He always looks like he is having a great time. (I would do nearly anything to party with them!)

PPS. Costco Pizza, anyone?! LOL