This week’s MuBank is brought to you by Ji-Eun‘s turquoise hair (love it!) and Goddess Insooni in all her badassery. Now without further ado:

HAM – “Lower Your Sight”: Disappear for a few months and you get stuck in the first half of the show. It’s not a bad song, though.

Five Dolls (feat. T-Ara) – “It’s You”: Even T-Ara couldn’t save it. Sigh.

Teen Top – “Supa Luv (Remix)”: Not the best performance ever, but I have to give them props for going on the show despite being in a car accident hours before recording. *snaps*

Dal Shabet – “Supa Dupa Diva”: Sorry to be a Negative Nancy, but OMG WHEN WILL THIS SONG DIE. We saw those same outfits a few weeks ago. Time to go.

Kan Mi-yeon – “Paparazzi”: She’s still a little dead-eyes in her performances, but a 34 place jump to 8th is nothing to sneeze at.

Insooni – “Uppercut”: All hail the Queen. Fr srs.

Lee Hyun – “You Are The Best Of My Life”: He kills it every week.

MBLAQ – “Again”: Now Thunder’s wearing a mesh shirt? By next week they’ll all be wearing fishing nets as outfits. *facepalm*

Song Ji-Eun (feat. Bang Yong-guk) – “Crazy”: She really looks like Narsha from some angles.

G.NA – “Black and White”: Finally, a outfit that’s actually appropriate for the song.

IU – “Only I Didn’t Know”: Look! She has a tail!

Mighty Mouth (feat. Soya) – “Tok Tok”: I can’t help but feel a little bad, considering how they put out awesome performances every week and they have to go up against Big Bang for K-Chart this week…

DBSK – “Maximum”: I’ve been loving their styling in every one of their “Maximum” performances thus far. Mmmm.

Big Bang wins K-Chart for the week despite not showing up to the show. It’s Big Bang; what are you gonna expect?


Other performances from this week:

Ye-Ara – “Drink~Americano

Lady Jane – “Just Friends

Sori (feat. Crispi Crunch) – “The Heart Is Dancing

J. Lee – “Why Is The Love