A week and a half ago, K.Will released his album Hear Beats and the adorable MV for his title song My Heart Beating” starring IU and Lee Joon. In case you missed it…

The ending of the MV promised fans that the story would be continued and it has.  K. Will released the MV for his second title track “Can’t Open Up My Lips” which tells a back story of the previous MV.  Check it out here.

Ah, there’s always a different side to every story.  Although it was less than two minutes long, it was a great MV.  The joy of finding love that was reflected in the first MV was followed by this one which was a tale of unrequited love and seeing the one you love going to someone else without you having a chance because you couldn’t confess your feelings.  I almost cried.  I really enjoyed both MVs, they complemented the songs well and had a great story to them.  The buzz has been building about the star of the second MV with everyone wondering who this new actor is.  He’s actually an up and coming trainee with K.Will’s company Starship Entertainment who will be debuting soon.

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