Y’all ain’t ready for this. Trust me. DBSK‘s MV teaser for their upcoming follow-up single, “Before U Go”:

Now granted, I had just come off of a two-hour long Athena-fest prior to seeing this teaser, and it’s pretty clear that the MV is going to be based off of Athena (as if monopolizing the entire original drama wasn’t enough, SM).


Things that looked good:

1) Yunho and Changmin, obvi. I thought was being spoiled with Siwon in Athena, but the K-pop gods have been very good to me as of late. Very, very, very good to me.

2) It looks like a drama MV. As in, it doesn’t look like it’s going to follow SM’s usual music video format. Which hasn’t happened since like what, 2007? CAN I GET AN HALLELUJAH AMEN.

3) The song sounds pretty good. The seven seconds I heard of it, at least.

If this turns out to be crap, I will be so mad. And if it does turn out to be crap, ten bucks it’s going to be because of Go Ara. I won’t try to deny that I never liked this girl much in the first place, but that stupid dinner-table-with-candles-and-cake-thing is killing me right now.

This gorgeoussweetamazingbaby will be released on March 14th. Two days late for my birthday, but hey – I’ll take it anyway.