In non-earthquake/tsunami-Japan-related news, BEAST has released a re-make of Fukuyama Masaharu‘s song, Rainbow. The original song was featured in the J-dorama Water Boys (which my sister loved), and topped the Oricon charts for 5 weeks in 2003. Listen:

I like the sound, except for the really repetitive guitar part. It’s completely different from other BEAST songs, and I, personally, can hear the Japanese-ness of the song. It’s much lighter on instrumentals than most BEAST songs (I mostly heard drums and guitars, with a tad of synthesizer, what about you?), resulting in a pared-down, cleaner sound, which works nicely for me.

The single will be part of THE BEST BANG!! – ASIA LIMITED BANG!! (seriously, that’s how it’s written in the articles), a ‘best of’ album for Fukuyama Masaharu, which is to include other Kpop artists, as well.

And now for the real question… Can Doo-joon really play the flute???

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