With Hyunah.

With an impending comeback, 4Minute has recently released the beginning of many teasers. This first teaser features the only member of 4Minute I recognize by face and name, Hyunah. She seductively sits on a vanity, pulls a stocking up her leg, looks in a mirror, and then looks towards the camera, all the while saying “At 20, I thought the world would be mine. I wasn’t wrong. The world is cheering. Is it waiting? I am one world right now. Mirror, mirror who is the prettiest?”


Though Hyunah isn’t very good at being seductive (not that a freshly eighteen year old should be), the teaser does offer some interesting images and thoughts. I like the reference to Snow White’s stepmother as well as the use of the vanity.

What will their concept be? Fairy tales gone awry?