And I better be impressed, yo.

Big Bang is back with their new mini-album, but y’all probably knew that already because not only has Big Bang eaten up pre-order sales records at popular online music vendors Soribada, Melon, Cyworld, Dosirak, Bugs, and iTunes – it’s basically taken over K-pop for the past week. Papa YG, you done good. SM marketing execs – take notes.

Personally, I didn’t think the musical content on the album was worth the hype (but since when has any YG product ever been worth the hype), but if there’s one thing YG almost always does right, it’s their visual output. Which means music videos.

The YG-Life official blog announced today that the music video for “Tonight” would be unveiled at Big Bang’s concert series, which kicks off tomorrow (February 25th) night. The music video will also air during Big Bang’s Epic Comeback Special of Champions on SBS, so the music video should be available for online viewing by then.

I’ll be waiting with wide, fangirl googly eyes and popcorn.

Oh, and the Seoulbeats Staff lowdown on the minialbum will be posted soon! Be sure to keep an eye out for it. :)