In a move not-surprising to me, We Got Married is said to be courting a new idol couple for the hit variety show. And, in their search for a hot-happening, successful and popular young couple, their sights drifted no further than the current idol hit drama Dream High. My money would have been on the “milky”  WooU couple-that is Wooyoung and IU, or as we all fondly know them as the RIDICULOUSLY cute Jason and Pil-Sook on Dream High. But, I guess you can’t have another 2PM member on We Got Married since Nichkhun is already there…so that rules out Taecyeon too, no? Ok, so no Jin-Mi (or is it Mi-Gook?!), either. That leaves: Sam-Mi, Sam Dong and Pil-sook, or Sam Dong and Baek Hee

The word on the street is that T-ara‘s Eun Jung and actor Kim Soo Hyun have been pegged by WGM staff as the new replacement couple for the idol-Adam Couple of Ga-In and Jo-Kwon. Ooooh…I never would have guessed Sam-Hee!

The two Dream High cast mates have also worked together outside the drama as the models for the SPRIS brand.

So peeps, and WGM-stans, what do we think of this potential pairing?? Honestly, I’m really heartbroken it’s not my Milky Couple!! Although, Eun Jung and Soo Hyun do look like they could be really cute together. And, being the lady-killer he is, Mr. Suave Soo Hyun once stated that among his female co-stars, his ideal girl was: “Suzy in the spring, Eun Jung in the summer, IU in the fall, and Taecyeon in the winter.” LOL. If the two DO appear in WGM, I’m sure that statement will come to bite him in the rear!

As exciting as this potential news is, I am still trying to get over the fact that there is only 1 more episode of Dream High left! *Tear*