Is it just me or do SJ-M’s songs never sound quite right in Korean? I mean, I’ve always been okay with listening to Korean and Japanese versions of DBSK’s songs, but it doesn’t seem to work quite the same way between Chinese and Korean. Or maybe I’m just weird.

Super Junior-M released a new music video for the Korean language version of “Perfection.” The MV looks essentially the same as the original, with the addition of a few more extra I-will-punch-you-through-this-camera faces. I can dig that. Check it out below:

SM also reuploaded the original music video, which was previously set to private for whatever reason. In addition to this, SM also uploaded a “Taiwanese” version of the song, and I got all excited because I had thought that they had recorded the song in the Taiwanese dialect…but alas, no. It’s just the original MV with subtitles in traditional Chinese characters. It’s an improvement from the original MV, where the subtitles mixed up simplified and traditional characters. Snaps for SM, everyone.

Watch out for a full review of Super Junior-M’s minialbum later today!