Okay, SM. You’ve won.

I’ve been harping against this song since the teaser first came out, but I just…I can’t anymore. The song is awful and the music video is going to give me a seizure and OMG THOSE HATS…but the boys. They’re just so beautiful

Super Junior-M has returned from a year-long hiatus with a new minialbum, entitled “Perfection”. The album is due for a February 25th release, but SM revealed the music video to the title track last night. Take a look below:

Man, once you take off those hats, everyone just looks so good it’s ridiculous. Especially you, Eunhyuk. And Zhoumi, with that solo! My heart – I don’t think it can handle it…

The song itself is still kind of terrible and noisy and structureless, but thank goodness for fangirl shallowness.