This week’s MuBank is brought to you by Joon‘s translucent sweater and Dalmation Daniel’s bloody lip. Now, without further ado…

5Dolls – “It’s You” – Who’s not impressed? *raises hand*

Dalmation – “Not Him” – A real idol keeps performing even if he gets punched out by a fellow member and is bleeding for the rest of the performance. See what I mean HERE.

Lee Hyun – “You Are The Best Of My Life” – I love the amount of energy he puts into his singing. It keeps the song fresh. A plus.

Kan Mi-yeon – “Paparazzi” – I hate making comments about female idols and their weight, but the thinness of her wrists is scaring me a little bit.

Infinite – “BTD (Remix)” – This is ranked 45th? Really?!

Navi – “Turning Out For The Best” – Flawless diva with flawless voice deserves to be moved out of the bottom section.

Gahee – “Please Comeback” – I like this performance enough, but her body mic is ridiculously distracting.

MBLAQ – “Again” – Joon, please stop tugging at your collar. It looks as if you’re being eaten alive by your shirt. It is not sexy.

IU – “Only I Didn’t Know” – Why so sad, IU? :(

Secret – “Shy Boy” – I am going to miss this so much. I’m serious. Don’t laugh.

G.NA – “Black And White” – I’ve watched her perform this song for a few weeks now, and while I can’t say that I dislike the song, I’d really like to see her show some more attitude in her face while performing. Her backup dancers seem to be doing a better job than her in that area. :/

Nice camerawork, bee-tee-dubs.

DBSK – “Maximum” – I so prefer this to “Keep Your Head Down” but for some reason, it looks a little off here. Hm.

G.NA wins K-chart for the week…lol’ing forever at her initial reaction; so cute:

Other performances from this week:

DOC – “Ya Ho”


Kim Bo-kyung“Day By Day”

Jewelry“Back It Up”

Kim Hyun-jung“Be Lovesick” + “One Minute One Second”

Lee Jung“Let’s Dance”

Mighty Mouth (feat. Soya) – “Tok Tok”