Today’s Music Bank is brought to you by Yunho‘s guns and Dalmatian Youngwon‘s blue hair.

Highlight performance: Everything at the bottom of the post that I didn’t recap. Seriously, most of the idol performances today were nothing special, but the less-popular performers today were phenom.

Coin Jackson – “Feedback” – Hot, but the song is pretty much atonal.

Dalmatian – “Not Him” – No more spotted jackets, thank goodness.

5Dolls – “It’s You” – The concept is…colorful fanny packs.

Lee Jung – “Let’s Dance” – Who is this guy? Why do I like him?

Teen Top – “Supa Luv (Remix)” – This song isn’t bad, but it just doesn’t translate well into live perfs. :/

Kan Mi-yeon – “Paparazzi” – This is a difficult song to sing live, and she rocked it. Props.

Jewelry – “Back It Up” – They’re great, but they’re dressed like fifteen-year olds. Fix it, please.

Kahi – “Please Come Back” – Flawless diva is flawless. That is all.

Dal Shabet (feat. Hyun-woo) – “Supa Dupa Diva” – Tutus? Really?

G.NA – “Black And White” – Cameraman needs to lay off the Red Bull.

Secret – “Shy Boy” – Was Hyosung’s hair always that shade of bright orange?!

IU – “Good Day” – Excellence.

IU – “The Story That Only I Didn’t Know” – Better than excellence. Who doesn’t love her?!

DBSK – “Why? (Keep Your Head Down) (Remix)” – Meh, I’m still tired of this song. But Yunho…damn.

Secret wins K-Chart for three weeks in a row:

Other performances from this week:

Flower – “You Are My Everything”

Navi – “Turning Out For The Best”

Park Hye-kyung (feat. San-E) – “Hello Honey”

Lee Hyun – “You Are the Best of My Life”

Mighty Mouth (feat. Soya) – “Tok Tok”