8eight‘s Lee Hyun released the MV for his comeback solo “You are the Best of My Life” (aka “Best of Mine”) from his second solo mini album via Big hit Entertainment’s official YouTube channel.  Teaser pics of the MV of Jung Juri, Nam Ji-hyun and Changmin dressed as a halmoni had fans wondering what the concept of the video could possibly be.  It appears as though the MV went all Shallow Hal on us with Changmin putting a spell on Lee Hyun so that when he looked at Juri she appeared as his dream girl Ji-hyun, check it out.

Hyun has a great voice and the song is a sweet love ballad.  I like the MV, it’s something a little different and tells a complete story in a little under 5 minutes.  It has a good message, too- mainly that while looks are important they aren’t everything, especially when it comes to love.

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