Taeyang counts us down another day until Big Bang‘s big comeback and sings in Korean, under the moonlight that shines on me“. I really hope this song and comeback don’t disappoint.


A bevy of new concept photos (this makes 4 different concepts, if my math is correct) have surfaced and I am liking the all-black look a lot. Like instant-wallpapers-on-my-computer-and-phone-a lot. (Although, I could use a little more TOP. Just sayin’ KPOP concept gods…) I also enjoy the symbolism of the members’s backs towards us for these “comeback” photos. (But maybe I’m just reading too much into this?!) The dark look reminds me of early Big Bang around “Lies” and the super colorful look they showed us earlier along with the black/white graphic look below, reminds me a teensy bit of BB circa “Last Farewell”. The black and white graphic look I don’t like as much, but how cute is GD with that hat on?? The. Ears!!

Three more days! Whoo hoo!

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