While browsing through my YouTube subscriptions and found the following vids just uploaded on the various YG Entertainment channels, check it out:

On Taeyang‘s official channel, a behind-the-scenes of him at a GQ Korea photo shoot:

This gem comes from PSY‘s official channel, this ajusshi really knows how to put on a performance.

Ah, I love Se7en. This clip comes from YG’s Concert channel where they upload clips of their concerts. This performance of “Come Back To Me’ was from last year’s YG Family Concert.

From Big Bang‘s channel a spot for their 2011 Big Show concert s coming up February 25th – 27th.  What a tease for international fans and all the others that didn’t get tickets for the show which sold out in minutes.

If you’re a YG fan, don’t forget to check out all of YG’s stations which other than the above include YGEntertainment, OfficialSe7en, 2NE1, and YGLifeOfficial.  I’m glad that YG as well as many of the other Korean entertainment companies are realizing the power of the internet and are using it to meet the demands of fans.