Because this track is a unicorn prancing about in meadow of candy. IN MY EARS.

It is my honor and pleasure to introduce to you “Why (Keep Your Head Down)” by Dong Bang Shin Ki:

Beginning with an edgy guitar that whips through your ears, Yunho‘s voice introduces the title of the track “Keep Your Head Down.” Joining the guitar, are the drums, trumpets, a sample from a previous Dong Bang Shin Ki track, “Hey! Don’t Bring Me Down,” and then, two of the most beautiful voices on the planet.

Fan girling aside, the track is, for lack of a better word, interesting and an unusual take on your standard Dong Bang Shin Ki. The verses and bridges are refreshingly jagged; instead of following a typical pop song structure, this song plays with the basic verse-chorus structure, cranking out the potential and the versatility of the track. It’s a little startling but refreshing, innovative, and well, genius. Coupled with Changmin‘s vocal cirque du soliel act and Yunho’s nearly perfect attack on the rap rhythms, the track is a jewel in the Dong Bang Shin Ki catalogue.

If Yunho’s rap at 2:43 and a bit onwards, as well as the last line, did not exist and, I would declare this track perfect. But oh Yunho, why take us back to those “Purple Line” days?

Prepare for the video which will be released on the 4th through youtube and their official site as well as their comeback on Music Bank on the 7th!