Teen Top released their comeback MV for “Supa Luv.”  The MV has a techy look to it with Shinhwa‘s Eric Mun appearing as a supa hot ahjusshi (don’t you just love gratuitous shower scenes).  The story line is kind of confusing, but I like how they use the video to highlight each member- so the dude with the blue hair was Chang-jo?  No, Ricky?  Aish… check out the MV yourself here.

Didn’t love the MV or the song, but I didn’t hate it either.  There are some parts of the song that I really dug like the slow “la la la la la” parts which sound great and it has a good beat, but the background music is too loud and heavy at times.  The choreography and styling is also suspect at times, the dude with the pink hair a la Jia must have pissed off the CEO or his stylist noona, right?  I’m all for trying to individualize the guys, but hair the spectrum of the rainbow?  No.  As for the choreo, I was waiting for the boys to lift off at the ‘Supa Luv” parts.  Overall it was an okay song and MV, but I don’t think it’s enough to increase Teen Top’s presence in the Kpop scene.

(SportsWorld, TeenzOnTop)