Fans of the YongSeo couple were first introduced to the “Banmal Song” through We Got Married as part of one of Yong-hwa and Seohyun‘s segments on the show.  If you’re not familiar with banmal, it is informal/familiar speech and it’s something that Yong-hwa had been bugging Seohyun to use it for a while now since they are married, virtually that is.

The Sweet Potato couple uploaded the song onto YouTube on December 26, 2010 and since then it has had over 2 million hits.  Due to the popularity of the song and demand by fans, the song will be released as a single, but not as a duet.  The song will be released as a digital single by Yong-hwa on the 14th in Korea.  Check out their vid of the song here:

And for those of you that are Hangugeo challenged.

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