As many avid K-pop followers would know by now, girl group KARA is currently treading a rocky path as 3 of the members (Nicole, Seung-yeon and Ji-young) are now embroiled in a contract-termination controversy with their company, DSP Media.

The future of the group’s promotions seemed bleak, as DBSK, a classic example of contract issues, had no choice but to halt activities during the lawsuit. However, it was revealed on 22nd January that Kara would be going ahead with filming for their TV Tokyo drama “URAKARA”. The group was reportedly scheduled to begin filming on the 22nd, but DSP Japan had given them a 2-day grace period instead due to the recent scandal. Kara will be arriving in Japan early this week to continue their promotions, and it is said that all 5 girls have started preparing in advance for an interview.

Furthermore, a representative of Landmark (the agency in charge of helping the 3 members terminate their contracts with DSP) stated, “The members want to work as 5. It is possible that there may be a press conference to resolve the disbandment and separation crisis that the girls are going through”.

I’d always assumed that Kara was doing well with their blossoming popularity in Japan and current status as a top girl group in Korea, so I was pretty dismayed when this news reached my ears. First it was DBSK, then it was Super Junior’s Hankyung, and now it’s Kara’s turn. What really goes on behind the flashing spotlights in the Korean music industry?! I used to believe that all the big-shot entertainment companies were overworking their idols to milk them for all they’re worth, but now, I’m not too sure if the blame lies entirely with the agencies. What if the idols are the ones wanting too much? Is anyone really in the wrong in such situations?

One thing I do know is that we as outsiders don’t know enough to make solid statements; all we can do is to keep guessing, speculating and gossiping. Hopefully one day, things will be peacefully resolved between idols and their companies, without all the gloom and doom of lawsuits. After all, the people who get hurt deeply might just be those who care the most-the fans, of course.

(sanspo, gator_yoong)