Don’t underestimate the popularity of the Bin.

Hyun Bin was scheduled to have a “secret” fan meet at the Lotte Department store in Myeongdong on Saturday, January 29th to promote Laneige Homme, a line of mens’ cosmetics.  Although the event wasn’t publicized, Hyun Bin fans found out about it and spread the word.  Next thing you know, hundreds of Bin fans started lining up to get a chance at getting his autograph.  The line spread out the down the street through a hotel lobby next door, and down into a subway station.

The crowds also slowed down traffic in the surrounding area, the cosmetics company hired 20 extra body guards and all of the department store’s security was deployed to help to control the crowd which hampered the opening of the store.  Unfortunately there were only 110 tickets available to get Hyun Bin’s autograph and those are the only fans that got to see him for the 55 minutes he appeared (other than 20 VIPs who I am sure didn’t have to stand in line).  Aww, come on Binnie, after they waited in line for so long in freezing temperatures, you could’ve signed a few more autographs for your adoring fans.  (ChosunIlbo)

The Secret Garden Effect

The popularity of Secret Garden lives on, SBS announced that they have sold the broadcasting right to 13 countries for a record $3.5 million.  Profits are expected to continue to rise with various merchandise being sold including dolls, comics, and diaries.  The OSTs continue to sell well with sales already over 30,000 units.  The drama is also being considered to be made into a musical.  A Secret Garden app has also been released and can be downloaded for free at the Apple AppStore, Droid users don’t despair an app for you should be coming out soon also (yes!).

The app includes pics and sayings from the drama that can be used as stickers and photo frames. Is this the best?  Are you sure? lol…

Fans have also been flocking to the “Star Avenue” outside of the Lotte Duty Free which was a location shown in the drama.  It has become a Hallyu Wave fan must see.

Even though the drama completed 2 weeks ago and had a special that aired last week, SBS will be airing another special ‘Secret Garden Special Edition’ in celebration of the Lunar New Year.  It will be a 2 1/2 hour show and will air on February 4th from 2:00 – 4:40 pm. Producers of Hyun Bin’s two new movies Late Autumn and Come Rain, Come Shine and Ha Ji-won‘s Sector 7 are anxiously waiting to see if the drama’s popularity will ripple out to the stars’ next projects.  (ChosunIlbo, DailySport, JoyNews24, Newsen, KoreaTimes)

Where in the World is Ha Ji-won?

Just heard that Ha Ji-won traded in the deep freeze of Seoul and landed in the 50th state.  No info yet whether the trip is for business or pleasure, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a tropical island shoot pops up somewhere.  Also reportedly in Hawaii are an actor who just finished a drama with alternatives and another actor who he starred with him in a drama set at a famous ivy league university who entered into military service last August.  I wonder if they’re there for the Pro Bowl?