This week’s episode follows the students as they rigorously prepare for the upcoming exam. Highlights include: Umbrellas, SNSD, graffiti, lollipops, child negligence, and blood.

Things I Liked:

  • Aw, looks like Baek Hee likes Jin Gook. Is anyone surprised?
  • I know Sam Dong is getting a lot of love out there but I want to take this opportunity to give Oh Hyeok some much deserved praise and attention: You are not only a volcano of LOLs for this show, but one of the best characters played by one of the best actors on this show as well. May an endless supply of Choco Pies find their way to you.
  • Hye Mi really gets her attitude handed to her several times and I enjoy that not just because I think she deserves it, but also because it shows that characters are no longer willing to put up with her. My favorite demonstration of this is brought to you by resident comic relief Oh Hyeok, when he says, “He’s more annoying than you are.”
  • I am not a fan of IU as a singer (Please don’t kill me but I feel like she’s overhyped and people are too easily impressed by her), but I am a fan of her as an actress. Now that we get to see more of Pil Suk, I think IU plays the character well and with a distinct charm that sets Pil Suk apart from the stereotypical chubsta, social outcast found in Korean dramas.
  • That’s a pretty creative defamation. And Sam Dong‘s touch up, isn’t so bad either. Can someone do one for me? Defamation or romantic declaration: either one would make me happy.
  • Like I’ve said before, Lee Yoon-Jin is too pretty to play a villainess, but I think she does it well. You can have a Choco Pie too!
  • Someone in the editing department must be reading my reviews because the editing between Pil Suk and Jason are well done.
  • Another reason why I think IU is overhyped is because though she has a good range, she doesn’t have a whole lot of vocal stamina.  Here with the guitar, she gives a good performance.
  • I’m really happy that Jin Gook‘s hyung did not die. This may seem cheesy, but I feel the need to address it: If you feel like you can’t go on, there is help. And where there is help, there is hope. 1-800-273-TALK is the National Suicide Prevention hotline for the United States, but there are a plethora of other resources in a plethora of other places and they’re here for you. Please seek them out.
  • Kyung Jin is like the Dark Sith Lord and Baek Hee is like Anakin Skywalker; I appreciate the unintented parallel.
  • I’m genuinely curious as to what direction this love triangle will point. Will Hye Mi choose Jin Gook or Sam Dong?

Things I (Affectionately) Didn’t Like:

I say affectionately because though I find most of these bullet points irritating, they make me laugh a little. At this point, they’re another aspect of the drama I’m growing to enjoy. However, there are some genuine complaints. Hopefully, the difference is obvious.

  • Cover the motorcycle with umbrellas. That’s a really clever idea. That way the motorcycle won’t freeze to death.
  • Pil Suk‘s drastic change in weight is not only explained but too sudden and therefore, unrealistic.
  • I know Hye Mi has her supporters out there, but I feel like I can safely say that everyone across the board can recognize that Hye Mi may be an interesting character, but not a good person. How is it that she has two of the sweetest guys on this show pining for her? But who knows? I’m probably just jealous.
  • What the duck is up with this break dancing lair? And why can’t they practice in their regular classroom? Did I miss something?
  • Students at Kirin High School need to start locking their lockers. It would solve many problems.
  • Baek Hee, I used to be a fan of you, but you’re becoming QUITE annoying. Stop being fake and playing the pity card. If you want to outdo Hye Mi then fine but please don’t use such under handed methods. It’s classless.
  • No one plays perfect chords the first time they play piano. Give me a break.
  • The attempted suicide scene was poorly done. It almost seemed comical which is interesting because suicide is everything BUT comical.
  • SNSD scene: Since fancams of this scene leaked onto the internet, everyone has been wondering how something so seemingly random could end up in the story line of the drama. When Jin Gook first proposed the idea, I was like, ‘Yeah, okay. That will make him feel LOADS better. He’ll have a psychological break through if he sees you dancing to SNSD.’ But you know what, this is my favorite SNSD single and it could be cute so I pressed the suspension of common sense button. And you know what, it did start out well. The acoustic cover was beautiful. I wasn’t too crazy about Suzy‘s harmonization but it was well done. But then the mics got taken away, they were doing the dance, Suzy sounded bad (Oh, the bridge), and it just came off as gimmicky. It started out well but it ended on a disappointing note.
  • Am I supposed to believe these flashbacks? Who lets their kids out at this time, in this weather, by themselves? Where did she get the cake? Why is she handling fire? Why would anyone remember this?
  • Eun Jung‘s voice and singing sounded a bit whiny this episode.
  • Why do people in this drama think violence is acceptable?
  • I did not see Sam Dong get hit by the pot at all and I fail to see any other reason why he should be bleeding.
  • Hye Mi, if someone starts bleeding, you don’t start yelling. You pick up a phone and call 119.

Final Verdict: Oh these crazy kids. They keep me young.