With Episode 4, all characters begin school with everyone facing difficulties; Hye Mi is bullied by Baek Hee and her fellowship, Jin Gook is having conflicts with his family, Sam Dong feeling a bit lost and confused in this different world, and Baek Hee turning over to the dark side. Ha Myoung faces opposition from the school board and Oh Hyeok continues to be the punching bag of this drama. Though it was a little stagnant as far as plot progression (there was more character development and explanation, I thought), what will these crazy kids get themselves into next?

Things I Liked:

  • Sam Dong is such a gentleman. I want to marry him.
  • Tripping so vivaciously and naturally, after the mother comes to pick up her daughter in the lost and found, requires skill. Kim Soo-Hyun, good for you!
  • Oh Hyeok’s sweater. If anyone knows where I can get one, let me know.
  • I’m surprised Hye Mi didn’t perform in front of anyone when she was so courageous to go up there in the first place. But instead of coming off as cowardly like Jin Gook, I think it shows growth to her personality.
  • That’s some pretty reasonable advice, Jin Gook. Instead of covering sadness with anger, they should just show the sadness to begin with.
  • Ha Myoung carries himself so gracefully. In the face of such dastardly behavior, he still keeps his cool.
  • I know some people have been saying that Baek Hee is becoming a villainess but I have to defend her. I like that she’s finally standing up for herself. I’m a big believer in karma and I like how, for every blow Hye Mi dealt her, she is beginning to deal them back.
  • Ha Myoung reminds me vaguely of the baboon from the Lion King. He’s beginning to say mystical things in words that you cannot understand.
  • I can’t tell if that’s actually Suzy singing those scales, but whoever it is, wow. As an operatic soprano, I can appreciate the intonation and the vocal stamina demonstrated during the scales.
  • Pil Suk and Jason are so cute. If he reciprocates despite her chubsta status, it would not only be one step for Pil Suk, but one step for Korea.
  • Is Kim Soo-Hyun actually singing? Again, with mixing of post production and production sound, I can’t really tell. But whoever it is, makes me feel like I have ice cream melting in my ears. And of course Wooyoung sounds amazing as always. It felt like that note was going to last forever and the fact that he has any stamina afterwards, is impressive.
  • They may be creepy but these gangsters can be a dose of comic relief every now and then.
  • Finally, some back story on Jin Gook’s character.
  • The lighting and the camera work in Jin Gook’s dance scene is orgasmic.
  • Oh Hyeok’s sister is a shameless drunk. I love it.
  • It wasn’t right for Baek Hee to start the fight, it wasn’t right for Hye Mi to deny that she didn’t have it when she did, but at least someone manned up.
  • I beginning to see some naked eye improvements to Suzy’s acting. Thank God. It’s all in the eyes, Suzy, it’s all in the eyes.

Things I Didn’t Like:

  • I also really hope a race to get the pendant doesn’t become a subplot of this drama.
  • Lee Yoon-Ji is too pretty to play such a villain. Sadness.
  • A reader reminded me that I need to possess a suspension of belief but I’m need out the utter bizarreness of demanding a display of talent in the middle of a matriculation ceremony.
  • Do I see a love triangle blooming between Jin Gook, Hye Mi, and Sam Dong? Oh boy.
  • Pil Suk’s diet seems like torture.
  • The Art Minister should go shave his back.
  • Now though I like Baek Hee standing up for herself, she is becoming fake and manipulative. Though I like her, it is unacceptable but believing in karma, she will get hers as well.
  • The editing is still sloppy. That cut between Baek Hee and her flashback to Hye Mi’s words in the bathroom was completely noob.
  • Aw, Sam Dong; don’t let these city people make you feel incompetent!
  • I kind of miss Sam Dong’s hair. But he looks cute either way!
  • The snow looks like coconut shavings.  Yum.
  • Starting a claimless fight over a dumb thing like a pendant is classless, Baek Hee.
  • Sam Dong, I know you’re trying to defend your lady love but you should not have punched Jin Gook.
  • Though I think Hye Mi needs to get hers, this episode reminds me of why I hate the high school atmosphere.

Final Verdict: Okay, okay, I’m beginning to like it. A little. Sam Dong and Pil Suk & Jason are so cute! Baek Hee disappoints me but I think the development and growth of her character is the most psychologically interesting thing about this drama. With all this and the clips of them performing “Genie” on the internet, I look forward to next week’s episode.