Yup, a Secret Garden Concert.  Due to the overwhelming fan following for the drama and its OSTs, the producers are planning a Secret Garden Concert to be held on January 15th at the Dom Art Hall in the Childrens’ Grand Park in Seoul at 8:00pm.  The 15th will be the airing date for the 19th episode of the drama which would make many wonder why they would have a concert on their second to last date of  airing.  The concert will run before the airing and then finish just in time for the fans to watch a live broadcast of the episode at the concert.

The concert will feature artists from the OST including: Baek Ji-young who sings the beautiful “That Woman,”

and 4Men who sing “Here I Am” on the OST.

There will also be appearances from the stars of the drama including performances from Yoon Sang-hyun who sings “Looking” on the OST and Hyun Bin who will sing a version of “That Woman/Man.”  Some footage from the concert will be used for the drama’s finale on the 16th, whoa that’s cutting it close.

Secret Garden is my current Kdrama crack, I like that it’s your same old Kdrama story, yet presented in a quirky and different way.  Ah, what I wouldn’t give to be able to attend the concert…

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