For those still skeptical of JYPE‘s foray into the American music scene, look no further than the Wonder Girls‘ entrance this year for a case study in a successful KPOP crossover.

According to Billboard Magazine’s End of the Year Chart in Pop for Hot Singles Sales, the Wonder Girls definitely made their mark on American pop music in 2010. Taking into account their sales and airtime from December 2009 through November of this year, KPOP’s little Wonder Girls came in at no. 31!!!!! And that, my friends, put them right behind the likes of Usher and Lady Gaga, not to mention, even in front of Madonna.

So, scoff all you want, naysayers, JYP and his girls are probably laughing all the way to the bank- even as I type.

Congrats to them all- who else besides me is excited that even just a little KPOP made an impression in the US this year?!! (Although, I agree with a lot of you– “Nobody” needs to go away! For good!! HAHA.)