Oh where, oh where has our dear Big Bang gone? Now that 2NE1 have released the fruits of their labor, their sunbaes Big Bang, are next in line. The problem is, are we talking about a waiting-for-a-picture-with-Santa line, or getting-randomly-selected-for-a TSA pat-down line. Well, after hearing rumors of another album setback, I’d lean toward the latter.

For the optimists, the above pic circulated on the net, riling up some fans-

“November 20th 2010, G-DRAGON & T.O.P invites you to the “HIGH HIGH” MV party secret location RSVP only…..”

Of course going by such scant information, rumors have been circulating, hypothesizing that the picture is everything from a MV release date to Big Bang’s comeback date. Or you could be a Debbie Downer Pessimist and proclaim the picture is fake and that the whole thing is either hype or hogwash.
Meanwhile, some fans are just pissed, after a  NTN news article recently stated,“Come December, Taeyang will begin activites for Big Bang’s new album” which would indicate the album being pushed back.  Some netizens are raging against YGE and dear Yang Hyun Seok in particular, feeling that he is operating behind the curve again, with some going as far to say, ” I have a lot of pent up resentment towards YG right now. He could take a few lessons from the boys when it comes to dealing with fans.”

Dudes, it’s a month! Remember when we had this same old back-and-forth about 2NE1’s album, many moons ago? Now if we’re writing a duplicate of this article in 2011, and the fans haven’t rioted by then, maybe there will be some ‘splainin’ to do. But until then, let YG kiss his baby and count his money. I think he’s been doing pretty good so far.

(bestiz, seoulntn, ibigbang)