In a survey of 1,000 participants over 10 days, who came out on top as the Kpop star that they would most want to spend their End-of-Year parties with?  For the namjas with an overwhelming 73.3% of the vote, all around star Lee Seung-gi.  Actress Kim Tae-hee placed first for the yeojas with 54.8% of the vote.

In second place for the men was Psychic Kang Dong-won with 8.3% of the votes with a close third going to Ahjusshi Won Bin.  A surprising second place for the women went to comedienne Shin Bong-sun with 14.7% of the vote and the cutest gumiho ever, Shin Mina, came in third.

If it were me, I’d pick… Kang Daesung, possibly Yoo Jae-suk, or maybe Kim Hyung-joong, no Oh Ji-ho?  Ah, decisions, decisions.