Fans of the Goguma couple were waiting with bated breath for the latest episode of We Got Married after hearing in previews that for the first time ever, Seohyun initiated skinship with Yong-hwa. *gasp* No details were given as to just what kind of skinship was going on: hand holding, hugging, kissing?

Well, the wait is over as today’s episode aired and fans got to see the couple on vacation in Japan. At night, they decide to leave their inn to go grab a beer at a nearby 7-11 ( I just have to say 7-11s in Japan are sooo good- the musubis, croquettes, coke mentos, hi-chews, ice cream , oishii!).  They grab a non-alcoholic beer (I think) beer for Seohyun and the littlest can of Asahi beer I have ever seen for Yong-hwa.  The big event happens on the way back to the inn as Yong-hwa gives Sohyun a look for acting kind-of weird, then BAM!  Yong-hwa and the MCs reactions… classic.

Sometimes watching the MCs are as fun as watching the couples, they are such fanboys and fangirls.  And Yonghwa, was all like “wha…?”  He then got kidded for his weird arm positioning after Seohyun grabbed on to him, I think he did it to trap her arm, lol.  To her credit, Seohyun held on all the way back to the inn as the gazed at the stars above them. *sighs*

This latest development has fans excited and wondering about what’s next for the couple with the preview for the next episode hinting at even more skinship.

(maxmoviethecouplet3, soompi)  Hi, Gogumas! *waves*