Actor Song Seung Hun and CF star, Kim Tae Hee started practicing for the upcoming drama “My Princess” this week.

“My Princess” is another typical Korean romantic comedy where a rich chaebol falls in love with your average girl and the average girl becomes a princess overnight.  The only twist to this love story is that your average girl, played by Kim Tae Hee, is a penny pincher.  Despite the trite plot, I’m still looking forward to the drama – for there’s nothing that an eye candy like Song Seung Heon can’t resolve.

Additionally, it’s written by Jang Yeong-sil, the brain behind “On Air” and “Lovers”, so it’ll definitely a part of my drama consideration set early 2011.

Who else is anticipating this drama or are you too infatuated with Hyunbin from Secret Garden that you cannot even think about another drama?  Tell us your thoughts!