What 5 things stood out this past week in Kpop land?  A jam session amongst Running Men, a Kdrama sends kisses globally,  water polo on Dream Team, PSY rocks Chocolate, a whole lotta goings on in virtual nuptials, Hara proves her invincibility (I threw in a bonus thing due to being a day late), and a Scandalous departure.  These are the 5 (er 6, no 7) things that happened in Kpop this week that I think were just a little bit more special than the rest.

Running Man jam session

On the last episode of Running Man, Ko Joo-won and Jung Yong-hwa joined the regulars for some fun and games at an Arts’ School.  In between games, the cast had a small jam session and dance battle.  All I gots to say is “WTF is up with Kim Jong-kook‘s hair?”

I think that having the female students around while filming was a lot of fun and definitely Song Joongki made out with the girls’ help.  This video is of one of the chase scenes during the game that just cracked me up.

Unfortunately for Joong-ki, even though his team won the battle, he didn’t win the war.  Joong-ki, Joo-won, Ji Suk-jin, Yoo Jae-suk, and Gary had to wear the designer hot shorts as a punishment.

Playful Kiss Goes Global

Although domestic ratings were low (it never reached double digits), the interest and adoration of international fans were immense.  So much so that the drama was sold to 11 countries for a record amount and the show created a YouTube channel to showcase behind-the-scenes vids, interviews, and special edition episodes.  The phenomenom of the show is so great that lead actor Kim Hyung-joon was interviewed by CNN regarding the popularity of Kdramas abroad.  Love it.

You gotta love water polo on Dream Team

If not for the above photo alone, then for the comical antics seen while competing against the Dream Team cast.  The Dream Team players were definitely more comfortable on land than in the water.  Their buffness was of no help to the Korean Water Polo team when facing the final challenge on Dream Team, none of them even finished the course.  The competition really was between Ricky Kim and Kim Yong-man who both made it look all so easy.  In their second try, Ricky Kim edged out the competition in this championship run.

PSY rocks the Chocolate

PSY appeared on the latest episode of Kim Jung-eun’s chocolate along with Miss A and December.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again- PSY knows how to work a stage.  The veteran got the Chocolate crowd rocking.

We Got Married Fun

The fun begins with Jo Kwon and Ga-in‘s anniversary trip to Jeju Island along with Jea and Seulong.  After being split up, they regroup to eat a delicious dinner buffet (oooh, y’all gonna have to pay for that later with your trainers) and Seulong tries to take on the role of a dragon slaying prince, but fails.

Then Seulong and Jea send the ‘married couple’ off on a romantic boat ride around their hotel so that they can set up the couples room.  While on their boat ride, they get serenaded by a performer at the hotel singing 2AM‘s “Can’t Let You Go, Even If I Die.”

In other big couple news, after 100 days Khuntoria have finally gotten a house.  A beautiful two story apartment with an awesome kitchen.  Their first meal in their house?  Ramyun cooked by Khun.

Why Hara rules on Invincible Youth

Ko Joo-won was on this week’s episode of Invincible Youth also, I was kind of wondering why he was making all these appearances, and then bam, news of his upcoming enlistment. To help the G7 harvest their rice and celebrate their first anniversary Sunny, Hyunah, and Kim Tae-woo returned to visit.  Also visiting were: Secret‘s Ji-eun; Victoria’s kids Sulli, Krystal, and Luna; and KARA‘s Ji-young along with some of the G7’s favorite volunteers.  In this vid, all the visiting girl group members greet everyone with a little song and dance.

Goo Hara rocks because even though she’s a little thing, she is tough as nails.  In this vid, she shows everyone how it’s done and drives the tractor (?) that harvests the rice.  Way to go Hara.

Scandalous Departure

And, so it begins… the void that is always there after the completion of a good Kdrama.  Not only your average Kdrama watchers were fans, a lot of your favorite Korean stars were all singing praises for Sungkyunkwan Scandal also.  I’m not sure what it was about the drama: the chemistry of the actors, the writing, the cinematography, etc. that made me love it so (along with a few tens of thousands friends).  Here are some of my favorite scenes from the last episode.

Sun-joon begging his father for help?  How could anyone say that Micky’s acting didn’t improve.  I almost died when Geol-oh was showing the Blue Messenger her messages with corrections on it, was that a shout out to Playful Kiss?  I enjoyed the last scene though, Sun-joon getting tips from the red book… classic.  My only regret, where was the big reunion scene where Yong-ha and Jae-shin tell Yoon-hee that they knew she was a girl since…  I’m going to miss the Joseon 4- Park Yoochun, Park Min-young, Song Joong-ki and Yoo Ah-in (along with the rest of the awesome cast) thanks for a great 10 weeks.  I look forward to seeing them all in their next projects.  Here’s to hoping that Mary Stayed Out All Night can fill in the void.

Those were the top 5 Things I LOVED in Kpop This Week (last week ?), were they yours?