The idol star follows a string of other singer-turned-actors in the quest for acting roles. Not surprisingly, and coming off the trend, Minho has been confirmed as the lead actor in a one-episode special on KBS2. It’s been tentatively titled as “Pianist”.

Minho plays a musically-gifted boy, Oh Je-ro (as in “Oh, Zero”), who unfortunately misses out on the opportunity to learn how to play the piano as a child. However, a chance arises when he’s made to work in a piano factory, in place of his sick father. Each night he stays behind and relishes a world of pianos (sorry if this translation is coming out wrong…), recovering what he had lost out during his childhood.

During the course of the drama, he also runs into his elementary school piano teacher, Yoon In-sa, played by the lovely Han Ji-hye. Possibly harboring some familial and tender feelings towards her,  they gradually build a close relationship that turns into love.

Whoo, that was quite a mouthful. Anyway… we know that “Pianist” will be directed by Moon Joon-ha (“Hwang Jini” and “Secret Garden”) and the screenwriter will be Park Eun-young (“Boy Meets Boy” & “Our Slightly Risque Relationship”).

Of his starring role, Minho has said that he’s nervous but excited. I think I’m leaning towards anxiety for him. But he is after all a film major, let’s see if he can put his coursework to good use.

“Pianist” will be broadcast on November 20th at 11.15PM.