I’m not even going to BOTHER opining on this thing, but apparently a group of… some people…in the music business? – talk about the comebacks of 2NE1, SNSD and 2PM and by some kind of barometer I have yet to determine, decide whose was best. From KBS World, by way of dkpopnews:

  • Girls Generation : Music , Performance , Style

After surprising their Korean fans with a surprise comeback, the girls released their third mini album “Hoot” late October. They’ve already hit number one on various music shows and music charts — although rivals 2AM and Super Star K winners are giving them a good run for their money. This is of course a response that most singers can only dream of, however, compared to some of the other Girls Generation hits — think “Gee” — it’s not exactly an explosive improvement.

Well, what about the ever so important performance factor? The dance moves for “Hoot” have been flashy and catchy. The motion of shooting a bow and arrow are displayed in an adorable yet sexy way, true to the group’s signature style. It’s something different, while at the same time maintaining the usual SNSD feel.

As for their style, their latest look has gone retro. Featuring a Barbie meets 007 look, some of the members have even gone blonde with big voluminous hairstyles. It’s something new and the girls have pulled it off, upping their style icon status.

  • 2NE1 : Music , Performance , Style

Overall, the girls showed off a more grown-up image, the youngest member Minji in particular during her sexy dance solos. Their follow-up promotions for the song “It Hurts” threw yet another curveball, as 2NE1 focused more on their vocal abilities with a softer and more wistful concept. Style-wise, the ladies are always on top of the game.

Known to have a very unique and edgier style, the girls did not dispappoint. Rather than going for something so over-the-top that one can only pull it off on stage, the girls went for flashy looks that could easily be worn in “real life” as well. They exuded sexiness, independence, and attitude.

Rather than sticking to strict choreography, the girls have been known to have a more free-style approach to their live performances. Their latest round of promotions was no different as they showed off a party-like vibe on stage. Nothing new, although still enjoyable to watch.

After a long hiatus, the girls of 2NE1 made their highly-anticipated comeback last September with three title tracks — something no other idol group has attempted before. The songs “Clap Your Hands”, “Go Away”, and “Can’t Nobody” were rivaling each other for the number one spot on all the music charts! Though there were criticisms of too much auto-tune vocal synthesizing used, the overall response was very positive. This only served to clinch YG’s status as one of the top companies in terms of music production quality.

  • 2PM : Music – , Performance , Style

2PM made their comeback in Ocrober with their new mini-album “I’ll Be Back”. The song stuck to the group’s usual style where a kpop fan could turn it on, and immediately guess it’s 2PM. However, this song scored more points not on the music charts, but on live performance shows.

The group has always been known for their strong, manly performances. Their latest song “I’ll Be Back”, only added fuel to this reputation. It featured a 90’s dance move, the shuffle step, which was something new and refreshing. They also focused on some finger movements that were inspired by the movie “Terminator”. Add the acrobatics move and stunts that the boys did and you have an improved and hotter than ever 2PM live performance.

Style-wise, the guys have maintained their usual “beast-idol”-like image, featuring dark colors, edgy cuts, and smoky eye make up. Although, the eye make up was much heavier than usual for some people’s tastes, others argued that the guys are simply keeping one step ahead of the pack. 2PM is after all, one of the original “beast-idol” groups!

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