And I LOVE it. Very befitting of Halloween! I’m not a fan of the song, but this video is super, super great.

I’m sure if you’ve read enough of my posts here at Seoulbeats, you’ll know I’m not a big fan of the work that 2NE1 has put out but this video just hits all the right notes with me. Like I said, I don’t really like the song, but in combination with this video it just feels like a really pretty female version of an Edward Scissorhands montage, 2NE1-style. There’s all the craziness of their outfits, which I usually do not like, but goes perfectly for this theme, and the props.

And how excellent is Dara? That big hair totally works, as is her amazingly pretty face and everything just feels so quaint and lovely and sad at once. I’m practically gushing!

Hair, makeup, styling, set decoration, everything is fab. Your thoughts on the video?