We bring you a new segment: The Kurrent. We know we can’t possibly cover all there is to cover in Kpop, but everyday we’ll be giving you a round-up of some happenings in the Kpop world that we might have missed.

  • And so it begins…  Shin Se-kyung shuts down her Cyworld just hours after news of her dating Jonghyun broke.  The malicious attacks on her account began immediately which led to the closure.  People, COME ON.  They’re human and they deserve to be able to date openly before they hit 30!  (starnews)
  • Minho plays DJ in new girl group VNT‘s MV.  Thumbs up for cutie Minho, thumbs down for another new girl group.  Kidding, they’re not bad, but not great.  (omonatheydidnt)
  • Heo Gak won some mad prizes from Superstar K2, but the taxes just might kill him.  Aaaw… Damn, the Man!  (dongailbo)
  • The ‘official’ posters for the anxiously awaited upcoming Kdrama  Mary Stayed Out All Night have just been released and…  I hope the drama is waaaay better than the posters.  (dramabeans)
  • Lee Su-geun released the MV for his new song “Huk” featuring his 1N2D buddy, Eun Ji-won(OSEN)  Check out the MV below, courtesy of jiwonified2.

  • Nichkhun introduced Victoria to his family on their trip to Thailand.  Not entirely understanding the situation, his grandma asked him if he and Vic consummated their relationship. Bwahhahaha… See what happens when you ‘play’ house.   (MyDaily)
  • SS501 maknae Kim Hyung Joon looks all growed up hitting the runway at Seoul’s Fashion Week.  Wow, he looks… buffer.  (SportsSeoul)