In a recent interview with Focus, Go Soo describes his new film as “inspiring.”  Psychic, the thriller he’ll be starring in alongside Kang Dong Won, is poised for release on November 11th. In it Kang portrays a person who can exert psychic powers over everybody except for Go Soo’s character. When asked what would happen if their roles were reversed, Go smilingly stated that he could make a good psychic and vice versa for Kang.

Go Soo also expressed his end of the year wish, which is to watch a rising sun from the mountains.

“I’d like to climb a mountain and watch the sunrise from the mountain. I really like the sunrise. Isn’t every ‘beginning’ significant? My dream is to become an actor who can heal and inspire, just like the sun which always shines brightly on this treacherous world.”

Baby, I’ll be happy to accompany you…even if climbing up and down that mountain will probably result in my lungs collapsing.

(Focus, Elsie)