SHINee’s Jonghyun has been caught! With “High Kick”‘s Shin Se-kyung! The two are confirmed to be dating and have been “meeting” for about a month now. They apparently have been dating “near Shin Se-kyung’s apartment,” which I’m sure is as questionable-sounding to me as it should be to you. Sports Seoul confirmed the relationship and Shin Se-kyung’s management has confirmed as well. (Can’t really back out of stalkerish paparazzi shots of the two of you canoodling now, can we?)

I’m sure SHINee fans are also aware that a while back Jonghyun stated that Shin Se-kyung is his “ideal,” and likewise, Shin Se-kyung has stated that she was really interested in SHINee. See, sometimes fan speculations are not for naught.

Aside from that, let me just bask a moment in a major Kpop star revealing something really major at the height of his really major career. Feels good!

(sports seoul)

Come on idols, Jonghyun got the ball rolling, YOUR TURN. Who are y’all dating?!