My initial feelings about this news can be summed up in two GIFs:


Because really, SM, you certainly took your sweet time with this one.

As previously reported, DBSK trio JYJ kicked off their showcase tour in Seoul last night, and thus revealed some cuts off of their upcoming worldwide release album, The Beginning. Attracting a concert crowd of over 11,000 and an album preorder demand of over 110,000 units, it’s fair to say that JYJ has gotten off on a good foot for their solo activities, both domestic and abroad.

The album will drop within the next week, but that didn’t stop SM Entertainment from filing a court injunction against the three members in an effort to prevent the album’s sale on the domestic market. Therefore, the future of the album’s distribution is now entirely in the hands of the court. However, it is speculated that the court may not come out with a final decision to the matter for quite some time; therefore, it is more than likely that the album will be released as planned.

Heh, things were going way too smoothly for SM not to say anything. But seriously? They waited all this time to finally speak up? Seems like JYJ’s actions are only controversial and lawsuit-worthy when they’re raking in billions of won at a time.

Source: Star News