The new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Daemul” continues to pull in big numbers, with this week’s ratings raising on average about 0.2% compared to last week’s. It’s holding steady as the top-rated drama for the Wednesday-Thursday primetime slot, beating out Rain’s “Runaway, Plan B” and the new “Home Sweet Home.”

One has to wonder whether or not these ratings are due solely to Go Hyun-jung and the lingering impression she’s left on audiences after a fabulous performance in “Queen Seon-duk,” combined with the ever-popular Kwon Sang-woo. I watched two episodes and honestly, I thought it felt kind of slapstick-y and overdramatic at times. I love Go Hyun-jung and I think she’s watchable in any role, but that’s a different thing for a highly-rated drama to be well-received because everything about it is good, not just the actors and actresses involved.


So has anybody been catching up with this drama? Thoughts?