Well, look who’s gone and recorded a single with Kanye West (and Malik Yusef)? JaeYoochunJunsu that’s who! While Cassies all over the world are having heart palpitations over the threesome’s recent spate of showcases, this may kill them dead.

One of their new tracks,  ‘Ayyy Girl’  (yes, that’s how it is spelled) has leaked onto the interwebs and…..well it’s definitely reminiscent of what you would hear on American pop radio these days. And the english was good enough that the song wasn’t auto-tuned to death (BoA….).

For me….it’s ok. Some are complaining that it’s too mellow – for me it just carries that same generic sound that all American pop has these days.  While it may not be to my taste, by those standards, the song will be Top 40 in no time.

If you haven’t heard (the bird’s the word) enjoy!