Another week, another 5 Things.  What 5 Things stood out this past week in Kpop land? A Strong Heart Fairy Tale, CL taking on some hot peppers, the queen of men running, the Last Kiss, and an Invincible catch.  These are the 5 things that happened in Kpop this week that I think were just a little bit more special than the rest.


On this week’s Strong Heart, Seo In-young was one of the special guests.  She was featured in Teukacademy (minus Leeteuk and Eunhyuk who I am guessing were  on vacation when this was taped) with Shindong performing her hit “Cinderella.”  Yikes, now that’s a girl that needs some help from a fairy godmother, lol.  Here’s a clip, but act fast- you know how it is on YT.

CL vs. the Pepper

On the latest 2NE1 TV, the girls go to London to again record with, meet the Peas, and check out one of their concerts (I saw them in concert twice and they’re awesome).  At dinner one night, the girls are challenged to eat a hot pepper.  CL, Bom, and Minzy play a round of kawibawibo who’d have to step up to the challenge and CL loses.  This is what happened.

Unfortunately, CL lost a second time right after this.  I guess that all her taste buds were numb from the first burn because the second time around wasn’t as bad.  Thankfully, CL didn’t lose the last round, Bom did.

Song Ji-hyo rules the Running Men

The first mission during the show was for the 9 guys: Yoo Jae Suk, Kim Jong-kook, Ha Ha, Ji Suk-jin, Song Joong-ki, Lee Kwang-su, Gary, and special guests Tony Ahn and Kim Kwang-gyu to try and make Song Ji-hyo’s heart beat rise to over 130.  Joong-ki must’ve been challenging Gu Yong-ha when he went in for a kiss, and the two singers Jong-kook and Tony tried their best by serenading her.  The funniest thing though, is how Ji-hyo totally pwns the boys, especially Gary check it out.

The Last Kiss

I know it wasn’t perfect, but I still really enjoyed this drama (my Kim Hyun-joong bias aside).  I think a lot of it had to do with the great performance of Jung So-min as the irrepresible Oh Ha-ni.  I didn’t like that they rushed the ending or included the irritating other couple on the honeymoon, but I did like that they included the make out scene (that surprised me, but they were on their honeymoon) and that they tied up all the loose ends.  If I write any more it’ll be too much, so here’s all my favorite parts of the last two episodes of Playful Kiss.

A Great Catch on Invincible Youth

On Invincible Youth, Shin-young and Hyo-min head out with one of the village halmonis to pick pumpkins which for some reason grows on top of some building’s roof.  The duo try using a rake thing to schooch down the pumpkins, but for one particularly difficult pumpkin they get some help from the crew.

Honorable mention goes to the Goguma couple’s joint performance (keep an eye on Min-hyuk and Jung-shin when they’re practicing right before the concert.)  And, for my fellow SKKSers: Aahh, Sun-joon”s cranial dominance, his tearful confession to Yoon-shik/hee, the hug by the waterfall, the save, the reveal, worried Geol-oh, Soon-dol, one blanket, wrestling over Yong-ha’s book, the roll, Sun-joon’s jealous protection and insistence on knowing what she was going to tell him, the fight for sleeping positions, Yeorim, the kiss, and pretty much everything about Jae-shin and Yong-ha… *swoons*

Those were the top 5 things that I loved in Kpop this week, last week (whatever- you know what I mean), were they yours?