This week’s 5 Things is a variety show special (of course I have a little something-something for all you PKers and SKKSers at the end of the article because what is a 5 Things without some PK & SKKS love?).  What’s so special about variety? A Chocolate salsa and duet, mango lovin’ f(x), enjoying today with U20, some midnight hijinx, and a ‘talented’ muse.  These are the 5 things that happened in Korean variety shows this week that I think were just a little bit more special than the rest.

Chocolate Salsa and an Awesome duet

Technically this edition of Kim Jung-eun’s Chocolate was last week (10/10/10), but since Sunday is a vague overlapping area of this list I’m adding it into this week’s list because it was an awesome show.  On the show were: Kim Jung-eun‘s cast mates from I Am Legend Jang Sin-yeong, Hyeon Junie, and Hong Ji-min; Sung Si-kyung and IU, Kim Jong-kook with Gary of Leessang, and Ahn Jin-kyung with H-Eugene.  The whole show was entertaining, two of the highlights for me was a great little salsa number with musical actress Hong Ji-min who played the wonderful Hwa-ja and a duet from Sung Si-kyung and IU “It’s You.”  There were vids out there, but you can guess what happened to them.  The episode is definitely worth searching for.

f(x) Loves Mangos!

On the latest edition of f(x)‘s variety show f(x) Koala, the girls are in California (this was shot during the time they were there for the SM concert).  They visit a farmers’ market and get really excited at the sight of some mangos for sale.  They literally tear into a mango right on the spot.  I think my opinion of Krystal just shot up a couple of points, lol.  I’m not sure if I would’ve done the same because uh, was that mango ever washed- eewie. ( BTW, where’s Amber?)

Enjoy Today gets some kicks with Korea’s U20

The men of Enjoy Today Seo Ji-suk, Shin Hyun-joon, Jung Jun-ho, Gong Hyun-jin, Kim Hyun-chul, Jung Hyung-don, and Seungri took on some of Korea’s top female soccer players in a match on the latest episode.  A while ago, I saw a couple of these players Ji So-yun and Kim Na-rae on an episode of Star King and became a fan.  Check out my two faves making goals with no problems against the Enjoy Today cast.

The game wasn’t a total blowout though, the final score was 7-4 with the U20 team on top.  While the girls looked no worse for wear at the end of the game, the men from Enjoy Today looked like they’d be feeling the defeat for at least the rest of the week, lol.

Midnight Idol hijinx

A new variety show that I’m digging is Midnight Idol.  Joining the MCs Kim Chang-ryulEun Ji-won, Kim Hyung-joon, HwangBo, and Kim Sung-soo on this episode were Sung-kyu, Sung-yeol, and Sung-jong of INFINITE and SISTAR.  One of the challenges of the night had the hoobaes against the sunbaes competing against each other in a sleeping bag obstacle course.  The funniest match up was between Eun Ji-won and Sung-yeol where Ji-won shows Sung-yeol how to play to win.

Talents abound on Bouquet

On the latest episode of Bouquet, the girls of some of the lesser known girl groups 4Minute, LPG, Nine Muses, Girls Day (and some others I’ve never heard of), and some solo artists like Chae-yeon and Sori competed by showing off their athleticism or lack thereof.  One of the best performances, if their skill was supposed to be funny, was by one of the girls from Nine Muses showing off her b-ball skills check it out.

I kind of feel sorry for the MCs, but dude that’s what you get when you let a pretty girl use your face as a backboard.   All of the other girls’ skills were about the same, the only ones that sort of impressed me were Chae-yeon and Sori.

And… for my fellow SKKS and PK lovers.

Finally, some lovin’ on Playful Kiss

Ah, the moments we’ve been waiting 14 episodes for!  An,d thank the Kdrama gods that it happened with a real kiss, proper hand holding, a happy omma (’cause if omma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy), and a romantic back hug on the balcony.  The only thing that’s ruining my kdrama induced happiness right now is the thought that this week’s episodes will be the last for the drama.

There is some hope for us PK fans, did you know that Playful Kiss has a YouTube Channel?  It currently has some behind-the-scenes vids and interviews (with English subs!), but eventually it is supposed to have a special YT version of the drama posted on it.  So if you love PK, like I love PK, subscribe to the channel!

Scandalous Bromance

Aah, the end of my other Kdrama fix is also in sight with much of the storyline intensifying.  I love how Yong-ha knew all along that Jae-shin was the Red Messenger (duh) and tries to stop him from going to what they all know is a trap.  Then Yoon-hee finds the injured Jae-shin and she and Yong-ha take care of him through the night.  How adorable was Yong-ha when he was holding Jae-shin’s hand, so happy that he was alive.  Hmm, makes me wonder, but no way he’s Gu Yong-ha.  The J4 are hit with a homosexual scandal when Yoon-hee taking care of Jae-shin is mistaken for her ‘taking care of him’ lol.  I loved the scene when Jae-shin takes Yoon-hee away from it all and explains to her why he’s the Red Messenger.  Anyone else think that you would’ve loved his hyung too?  I knew that Sun-joon wouldn’t let us down, but how he recovers from saying that he was the homosexual one I’m dying to find out.

Lastly, I just gotta say I love Soon-dol (played by Ryu Dam), Sun-joon’s servant.  Soon-dol is just adorable and is always looking out for Sun-joon.  He also has no problem setting Sun-joon straight even though he is his servant.  Soon-dol was probably the  closest  thing that Sun-joon had ever had to a hyung or friend before coming to SKK.

So those were my top 5 things that happened in Kpop this week, uh last week (I wonder if I should change the title), were they yours?