SHINee may collectively be one of the younger guy groups in kpop, but some things just throw off your b.s. meter no matter what.

Recently the boys gave a short interview to a  publication discussing their recent plans to promote in China. The article covers the typical “Hallyu Wave” talking points, and then gives a little page space over to the boys and their busy schedule:

As entertainment agencies in Korea generally has strict management, hence other than spending all their time on practice and rest, all five members exclaimed that they have no dating experience at all. “We really haven’t dated anyone before. When we were trainees, we couldn’t date. After we debuted we were really busy all the more we can’t.”

Hey, for all I know, these boys could be pure as the driven snow. However, regardless the group, the gender or the country, the “no-idol-dates” mantra will persist until the end of time. Until we did up the paparazzi photos, that is.

Source: Yangtse Daily
Reporter: Zhang Yi – WRS
Translated by Kylene@WRS
Reupload : Emtenanshinee@soompi