The Invincible is Korea’s remake of the 1986 John Woo classic action movie A Better Tomorrow starring Chow Yun-fat.  The movie stars  four of Korea’s top actors Song Seung-heon, Joo Jin-mo, Kim Kang-woo, and Jo Han-seon.  On September 8th at the Wangsimni CGV in Seoul, the four gathered for the movie’s press conference.

The original movie followed the lives of a man, his best friend, his brother, and a new rival in his occupation of choice as a gang member.  At the press conference, Jo Han-seon apologized to his co-stars for not being able to help them promote the movie due to entering his full time military service on the 9th after completing basic training.  The Invincible will be released in Korea on September 16th.

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