In an attempt to promote tourism to South Korea, the Korean Tourism Organization teamed up with various “pretty people” to create a dramatic web series which will be entitled “Haru, A One Day Story.” Those pretty celebrities involved include Big Bang, Kim Bum, Park Shi Hoo, Lee Dae Hae, YunHo, and Han Chae Young. A total of 6  stories, all evolving around these characters and their connection to the country will be told.

The story will center around scenario writer Lee Da Hae as the main focus. Lee Da Hae, Yunho, and Kim Bum will form a triangle, then the protagonist characters in Da Hee’s scenario Han Chae Young and Park Shi Hoo, also BIGBANG’s story about how they branch toward mountains to keep promises to their fans, all the stories will revolve around in one day time.

BIGBANG: energetic idol stars
Yunho: romantic tough action actor
Han Chae Young: sexy stylist
Park Shi Hoo: cute mischievous cafe manager
Lee Dae Hae: a beautiful scenario writer
Kim Bum: photographer with gentle heart

The teaser for the web drama has been unveiled.

So you’re telling me that if I visit South Korea I can go for a morning jog, visit pretty buildings, and get shot all in the same day? Sign Me Up!

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