On September 5th at Korea University’s Hwajeong Gym, Jang Geun-suk held the last fan meet of his international tour across Asia that spanned six months.  Geun-suk held sold out fan meets in Taiwan, Beijing, Singapore, Tokyo, Osaka, and Hong Kong before reaching his last fan met in Seoul which had 8,000 fans.  Members of his international fan club donated 1,550 kg (about 3,417 lbs) of rice in his name to be donated to needy and malnourished children across Korea.  The gifts of rice were presented as 10 ‘wreaths’ of about 150 kg each.

Aww, it’s things like this that give me hope for kpop fans.  I know fans often do charitable donations like this in the name of their favorite artists and it is definitely the kind of thing they should keep doing instead of starting Kpop fan wars.

cr:  Newsen, NewsWire