Ahh it seems like just yesterday when the word “plastic” popped up in almost every conversation when talking about beauty in the Korean entertainment industry. But no more! Nowadays, people are talking about the “bare face” more and more. The girls of Kpop are racing to prove that they’re natural beauties by showing their bare faces–something they used to go through all lengths to hide–on variety shows, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, you name it.

Many people have credited this phenomenon to Lee Hyori, for showing her no make-up, puffy face morning after morning on “Family Outing.” She might have gotten teased by the FO boys, but she played it cool and received many praises for keeping it real. Ahh again. It seems like just yesterday when Hyori got so much hate for being “plastic.” How the Kpop world changes before our eyes (I like).

cr: KBS