It’s that time of year again, there’s bumping and grinding, stripping, cross dressing, and wardrobe malfunctions- it’s Idol Dance Battle time!  Check out the video clips from the special below.

Miss A tries for some Fame.

Secret had just a little more attitude.

I’m not sure what happened to Round 2, but here’s 4Minute in round 3.

After School schooled 4minute and took the round with this little number.

In round 4 IU took on Milk Caramel which was made up of the maknaes of ZE:A (Dong-jun), U-Kiss (Dong-ho), and INFINITE (Sung-jong).

Orange Caramel again… et tu, Dongho?  Sung-jong, maknae from INFINITE in pink, is almost too cute as a girl.

Round 5 was pretty intense as the manly men from BEAST and MBLAQ threw it down with MBLAQ taking the round. I personally think BEAST got robbed.

In round 6 Kim Ji-sun took on Jung Ju-ri who pulls a noona assault on BEAST’s Ki-kwang to his members’ (and everyone else’s) despair.

There’s a couple more missing rounds, I’m thinking they might not have been good? Anyways. the last round had a bad/good showdown between 2AM as Miss AM against Kim Shin-young as Miss A+ (make sure you watch the Miss A members throughout the performances, their expressions are classic).

Shin-young is good, but you just can’t beat a cross dressing 2AM.

That’s all folks!  Be sure to check out the carrot for more vids for your viewing pleasure.

cr:  Newsen, CrazyCarrot260