in Taiwan.  They are the first Korean artists to accomplish a double platinum designation in Taiwan.  A platinum album in Taiwan is an album that has sold over 10,000 copies.  A double platinum designation occurs when an artist reaches the plainum sales level for two albums simultaneously.

Warner Music Taiwan, the distributor of C.N. Blue‘s music there have confirmed the platinum status of “Bluetory” and “Blue Love.” They went on to say that a double platinum designation is extremely rare. Other popular Korean groups in Taiwan such as DBSK, Super Junior, and SS501 have all done very well in Taiwan, but C. N. Blue is the first to achieve a Double Platinum.

C.N. Blue currently sits atop Taiwan’s five major music charts.  Congrats to the boys of Blue, am a fan and love listening to their music.  I have no idea how a certain poll listed them as the worst idol group in the past 10 years, what a bunch of haters.

cr:  MyDaily, Newsen