Recently G-Dragon and Daesung were seen sporting a must-have Southeast Asian accessory–the conical rice paddy hat! Specifically, the two were caught on camera in a Me2day picture and a Twitpic working the straw hat-known as a nón lá in Vietnamese, given to them by some ever-so-loyal Vietnamese fans at the Big Bang Eversense Fanmeet Party in Thailand.

Catching up on some beauty sleep...

Disguised for some time out on the town?!

So, I kinda love this because my family is from Vietnam and I pretty much adore GD and DaeDae. Plus, the hats are super cheap and are perfect for those super sunny summer days or even the rain! Consider this not only a lesson in fashion from Big Bang, but also in skincare-gotta protect your skin! Or just do as GD did and use it to keep paparazzi from staring at your drooling, sleeping face!

Hmmm…who knows…I just might start wearing one around the city! ^_^

Source credits: 21BANGS, Gdragon’s ME2day